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Log9 bacteria reduction


Absolute micron rating


Production yield rate with high reliability & validity over decades


R&D team is over 50% of all numbers with research, development & realization of process capabilities


Private lab. for testing over 100 international quality controls


100% on-production-line airtight & air particle leaking tests with 0 defect

Beyond Certifications

Core Values

Scientific Research

•Striving excellence for research, development & realization of process capabilities
•Exclusive patent technology for MAF, CB & micro Kh…
•In-house lab. validation capabilities with medical device ISO13485 cleanroom
•Quality beyond norms for 10+ certifications

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Customer Orientation

• Listen customers’ needs & end-users’ scenario consideration with rapid & accurate pitching
• Customized water filter solutions across 8+ applications
• 100% Material quality validation
• 100% Production online tests

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Accurate Simplicity

• Manifold stages modularized integration for patented single module/stage design
• Integrated diverse functions with particles, bio-films, hazardous
chemicals, heavy metals & bacteria reduction… etc.
• Zero drain waste with zero power
• Rapid water flow with less pressure drop
• Alter ERP & PDM system to manage projects & operation thoroughly 

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Providing clean water & delivering sustainability

Caware Water Filter Solutions address design & production realization to fulfill below SDG global goals to deliver sustainability. 

Caware adopts 100% wetted parts, which are FDA compliant with recyclable material of ECO-friendly grade and Halogen free. Caware provides clean water with no power consumption, no drain wasted, and no harmful contaminants to deliver sustainability.